1. 3 Things Small Businesses Can Learn from

    Even if you’re not in the midst of launching a new website that will be viewed by a signifigant portion of U.S. citizens, don’t assume that the crisis happening with right now doesn’t apply to you. After a week of watching the new Marketplace website disaster and its leaders...
  2. Handling a Healthcare PR Crisis

    Even posting this puts a target on my back. But the PR gal in me who’s passionate about healthcare needs at least one place to channel a few thoughts regarding the social media hail storm directed at Research Hospital right now. Before I start – I’m making it clear. I’m...
  3. 3 Tips To Landing your Dream Job

    Many of you know my story about my diagnosis of stage III colorectal cancer at age 17. To say it “led me here” is an understatement. Many things in my personal life look the way they do because of my young survivor experience. But that’s also the case professionally. And...
  4. Should you consider Facebook advertising?

    Facebook dropped a bomb on those of us managing business Pages several months ago. To get “fans” to see content, advertising needed to occur. Many of us cried and complained. We didn’t want to spend money on Facebook! Social media should be free! But – Facebook didn’t agree. (Maybe it...
  5. Should Office Max design your website?

    I like to print color copies at Office Max. Good printers. Great service. Can’t beat it. Upon checking out yesterday, the gal who’d printed my order asked me if I heard about the store’s new Go Daddy website offerings. She gave quite the sales pitch for them…. …until I told...
  6. Extreme Website Makeover

    I got my haircut today. And my eyebrows waxed. It’s big day for beauty around here. While I was getting my personal makeover, my business was getting one, too! Welcome to the new, improved Semicolon Communications website! We’re excited to freshen up and provide you with even more great content....
  7. My Last Marketing Blog – Progress

    When my professor mentioned the internship opportunity with Semicolon Communications last April, I did what I often do. I hesitated. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to take on an internship, especially during the summer when I knew I needed to work. I wasn’t sure if I’d gained the...
  8. PR Pros – Don’t Take the Easy Way Out

    Anyone else wish they had the Staples’ “EASY” button secured to their desk some days? I have no doubt that Staples makes ordering paper and office supplies simple for those running a business – convenience and affordability are always great values to offer. However some days, my desire to press...
  9. Connecticut Shooting Sparks Debate on Social Media

    *Your opinions and beliefs are yours.  I’m simply here to talk about Twitter.* Last Friday’s events in Newtown, CT. are tragic. The brutal murder of 20 children is the most spineless and cowardly thing a human being can do. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims....
  10. Meeting Poop Strong and Realizing the Power of Twitter

    Many of you know that I am a colon cancer survivor, thus the “Semicolon.” I was diagnosed at age 17 and this January, I will be a 12-year cancer survivor. Time flies when you’re …. beating the odds. Much of my personal and professional life is involved in colon cancer...

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