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Most likely, you do not need to be convinced that marketing is important. You’re smart. You’re competent. It’s not a matter of realizing the need for marketing. It’s a matter of finding the right team.

Semicolon Communications is also known as “the marketing girl” for many of our clients. We’re the team behind the scenes for many small businesses, medical groups and non-profits — and we do have a few guys who help us from time to time. It balances out the estrogen.

Our team is smart, clever, and always on top of it. We love working with clients who appreciate our experience, allow for creativity, toss in ideas of their own, and respect our top three values:  faith, family and health.

If that sounds like the type of marketing team you need, let’s talk.


We’re visual learners and dig email. But, if you must, call us at (816) 729-7760.


We know you’re busy


It doesn’t matter if you practice medicine, run a retail store, design fundraisers for non-profits, or lead a large team of agency creatives — YOU ARE BUSY. We all are. Our schedules are nuts. Facebook and twitter don’t help.

While we can’t help you slow down or become less busy, we can take one thing off your plate:  your marketing. Let us step in and offer strategy. We figure out who you need to talk to — and what you need to say. Then we run with it.

Ready for a break? Email us if you’re interested in having us take over your marketing.


Dispelling common fears


For some reason, marketing gurus can be intimidating.  We get it. If you’re wary of making the initial call for marketing help, maybe these things will help:

  • Affordable.
    Marketing is an investment. No way around that. But marketing companies will vary based on budget size. We like to work with local, small business owners and non-profits. We also charge freelance rates for agencies looking for an extra set of hands.
  • Supportive.
    No, you are not the only person not on Facebook. Many think marketing is common sense. But it’s not that easy. Just like Turbo Tax makes filing your tax return the easiest thing in the world. Riiight. We’ll walk you through what you need to know and get you on the right track.
  • Real.
    Some in our industry are sleazy (which doesn’t help the intimidation factor). But many of us are genuine. We get people and understand their needs. We help you do that, too.
  • Honest.
    Nobody likes to be sold something they do not need. Our team will not do that. Maybe you don’t need a Twitter account or to run a print ad. Maybe you do. We look at what’s best for you and your business — not what’s best for us or the vendors we work with.

Ready to chat? We love email. But if you need to call, here’s our number: (816) 729-7760

Working with us is like getting home cooking - minus the fried chicken and mashed potatoes. We're easy going. We aren't flashy. We put our faith, our families and our health first. And we love what we do.

We would love to put our marketing mind to work for you! If you need smart marketing solutions then Semicolon Communications can deliver.

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